Natural Treasures

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The abundance of natural beauty and biodiversity in the region is unparalleled in most other places in the world.

The natural environment also sustains the region's people with wholesome food, renewable forests, clean air, fresh water and world-renowned outdoor recreation. Strengthening these natural treasures will strengthen the economic vitality and character of the region, and improve the health of the people and the place that they call home.

As our region experiences a greater influx of people and the resulting footprints of growth and development, Thrive Regional Partnership seeks to expand outdoor recreation opportunities and espouse regional conservation benchmarks. Everyone must have access to the spectacular natural treasures in the region and develop the will to preserve them.



Watershed Moment Map

The award-winning Watershed Moment Map highlights 46 "must-see" sights in the greater Chattanooga region. It is the outcome of five years of collaboration among the region's citizens, farmers, outdoor recreation and conservation professionals to provide a public-facing tool for education about the natural landscape of our region.

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