A vision for responsible and inspired growth across the greater Chattanooga region.


Through communication, collaboration, analytics and innovation, we optimize community development opportunities while protecting the natural treasures that define the 16-county, tri-state Chattanooga region. 

Our work sparks growth from within its communities and nurtures a legacy for its natural landscapes in order to ensure a high quality of life for generations to come. 

In forty years, we envision:

Educated people with good jobs living in a great place.

Investment in grassroots leadership sparks creative placemaking movement.

People living in rural communities are accustomed to living collaboratively, fulfilling multiple community roles, and investing time and energy to endeavors that improve quality of life for themselves and others. They are, in essence, social entrepreneurs. The challenge then lies in access to philanthropic contributions to incubate and advance this community work.


Our Projects

Thriving Communities

An in-depth creative placemaking program designed to enhance professional and community development throughout the tri-state region.

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Transportation Collaborative

A coordinated team of private and public partners dedicated to promoting the safe and efficient movement of people, products, and data in and around the tri-state region. 

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Natural Treasures Alliance

A concerted, collaborative effort to preserve the natural assets that define this region and enhance outdoor recreation opportunities as the economy and population grows.

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A platform for students of all ages and backgrounds to engage in experiential learning and leadership development with established professionals in regional planning, creative placemaking, conservation, and infrastructure.

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Thinking about telecommuting? Consider these pros and cons.

The population of regular remote work employees in America, has grown by 140% since 2005 (GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics). The structured adoption of telecommuting saves time, company dollars, and the environment.

While a great concept, it’s certainly not for every company. Telecommuting requires certain position types, clear expectations and communication, and intentional team inclusion.


Our Sustaining INVESTOrs

Because of the generous participation of these partners, the Thrive Regional Partnership is able to work as an independent, nonprofit organization devoted to convening people around the issues that challenge our region's future and actions that ensure responsible and inspired growth for generations to come.


The Safety Net of Nature

We live in an area with incredibly rich biodiversity that needs space to thrive. Connectivity is the degree to which landscapes (or seascapes) allow species movement and natural, ecological processes. Check out this infographic from Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group to learn the importance of connectivity and why we should care.


Our Supporters


Preparing Today's Students 

We create innovative, experiential education opportunities so that our student citizens are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.

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