The regional collaboration of Thrive offers unique perspective. With all three states working together, we truly can discuss, strategize, plan, and work together for impactful solutions to the areas around the region.
— Dan Pallme, Freight & Logistics Director, TDOT

Building a Roadmap for the Region

Thrive's Transportation Collaborative is a coordinated team of private and public partners dedicated to promoting the safe and efficient movement of people, products, and data in and around the tri-state region. Using design-thinking methodology, the Collaborative generates long-term resolutions to issues related to freight, workforce transit, and connectivity.

The Collaborative is divided into three design teams addressing pressing challenges in the future of infrastructure in the tri-state greater Chattanooga region:

  • Freight: movement of products

  • Workforce: movement of people

  • Connectivity: movement of data

Representatives from approximately 40 companies and organizations comprise this cross-sector Collaborative. Participants include active leaders in private business, logistics, MPOs, as well as nonprofit and government agencies.

Check out this data and context around the region’s infrastructure challenges.


key facts about the region's infrastructure


Worst freight gridlock in America, listed among much larger metropolitan areas.



Of freight traffic in the greater Chattanooga region is through traffic (highest volume of any in the U.S.)



Vehicles were estimated to travel through downtown Chattanooga each day on Interstate 24 in 2016.




Tons of freight expected to travel through the Chattanooga area by 2035.



Shipping containers (TEUs) passed through the Port of Savannah in 2017. 



Of those employed in Hamilton County commute from outside of the county.



of Gross Regional Product and jobs in Hamilton, Catoosa, Dade, and Walker counties are logistic dependent.



Shipping containers expected to off-load at the Appalachian Regional Port in Murray County, GA in 2019.