Nyssa Hunt



University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s Interdisciplinary Geospatial Technology Lab

Nyssa is a GIS Analyst for UTC’s IGTLab. Nyssa’s years of research experience have come from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, while exploring the many avenues of their Environmental Science program.

In 2014, Nyssa earned her B.S. in Environmental Science, with a concentration in Geographic and Cartographic Sciences, and minors in Computer Science, Biology, and Geography. Her experience allowed great immersion into field work and the beginning phases of intensive GIS modeling.

In Summer 2018, Nyssa earned an M.S. in Environmental Science, in which her thesis research focused on developing and assessing predictive spatial distribution models for an amphibian species listed as both rare and vulnerable in the state of Tennessee.

Throughout those years of academia, Nyssa was employed in UTC positions that allowed her to gain skills in technology and research, as well as hands-on work with students and teaching.

Rhett Bentley