Regional Transportation

As industry in the Chattanooga tri-state region continues to expand, it is imperative to address transportation and infrastructure needs. Currently, Chattanooga ranks #11 in United States for heaviest freight gridlock. 80% of tractor trailers carry goods to destinations beyond Chattanooga, a figure that could rapidly worsen in the age of e-commerce. 

Historically, the region has always been a major crossroads for commerce. Now, Chattanooga has elevated itself as a leader in logistical technology. Thrive Regional Partnership convenes key stakeholders in necessary workshops to proactively mitigate freight traffic, creating an unprecedented collaborative around a national challenge. 

Commuter patterns between the 16 counties further exemplify the connectivity between the region and a need to alleviate traffic that could prove detrimental to quality of life. 




Thrive's Transportation Collaborative is a coordinated team of private and public partners dedicated to promoting the safe and efficient movement of people, products, and data in and around the tri-state region. Using design-thinking methodology, the Collaborative generates long-term resolutions to issues related to freight, workforce transit, and connectivity.


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