Thrive Regional Partnership facilitates non-traditional collaboration across sectors and geographic boundaries to ensure responsible, inspired growth in the tri-state greater Chattanooga region.

We optimize community development opportunities, enhance regional connectivity, and preserve our natural landscapes by:

  • Convening and collaborating with key stakeholders across sectors and jurisdictions

  • Gathering instrumental data and analytics

  • Designing and implementing innovative projects

  • Communicating a vision of inspired growth across the region

For generations to come, we envision educated people with good jobs living in a great place



Our Region

Daily life is not contained by municipal lines. People cross state and county lines every day for professional, educational, and recreational purposes, painting the footprint of the greater Chattanooga region. 

Historically based on manufacturing and a rail network worthy of its own song, the economy of greater Chattanooga has dynamically evolved. Entrepreneurial spirit has upgraded traditional industry in the region, incubating promising startup technology, particularly in the realm of logistics. With access to roads, rails, and rivers, the region remains a transportation crossroads for the Eastern United States, and advances everyday in freight and mobility innovation. 

The greater Chattanooga region is defined by its beautiful environmental landscape. The streams and caves throughout the region contain incredibly rich biodiversity - some of the highest in North America. Convenient access to the natural treasures of this region have ignited a population of active recreationists and stimulated a budding industry of eco-tourism. From rich farmland and dense forests, to blueways and urban greenways, natural assets connect the residents of the region on the trail, at the farmers market, and more.

When it comes to built communities, there are few places in the world where the human history is as complex or colorful. The greater Chattanooga region boasts iconic American main streets, small towns with big hearts, and a culture of resilience and growth from within.