There will surely be growth, but the proactive thing is to guide it wisely. It takes all the environmentally aware, armed with facts, to meet with developers to achieve the best consensus. For this, Thrive Regional Partnership is a very necessary organization.
— Dr. Luke Spiekermann

A regional conservation partnership dedicated to long-term preservation goals.

The tri-state Chattanooga region is a rich tapestry of ridges, forests, fields and caverns, carved by hundreds of streams and surrounded by rugged, ancient mountains. There are few places in the world where the human history is as complex and colorful, or the assortment of plant and animal life is as rich and varied.

As our region experiences a greater influx of people, we will see the resulting footprints of growth and development. A concerted and coordinated effort is underway to protect those natural treasures we hold most dear and preserve the quality of life and unique places we cherish. 

A Watershed Moment map and vision is the outcome of five years of collaboration among the region's citizens, farmers, outdoor recreation and conservation professionals to provide a tool for outreach and education about our region's natural treasures.


THE Watershed Moment Map

The award-winning GIS map and vision for exploring and protecting the natural treasures of the greater Chattanooga region