We're 11th in gridlock

Chattanooga is ranked No. 11 for freight gridlock in the entire United States and we’re easily the leader in Tennessee. Thrive Regional Partnership is actually a collection of 16 counties surrounding Hamilton “where all the Interstates meet.” 

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Rhett Bentleytransportation
On September 18, Take a Back Road

Thrive is exploring workforce mobility options to improve the movement of people and products in the greater Chattanooga region. Join Back Roads Day on September 18th for a region-wide experiment in taking alternate routes or alternative transportation to work.

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Advocating Beyond Asphalt

The road to innovative infrastructure is long, but the problem is surmountable with key stakeholders and business leaders powering the drive. Innovative thinking and implementable design is the fuel for a dynamite engine of active community leaders ready to take their businesses and region into the future.

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