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Thrive announces third year of Thriving Communities creative placemaking program

Thriving Communities is a community accelerator program designed to enhance leadership and community development throughout the greater Chattanooga region through creative placemaking. Participating teams learn strategic approaches to leverage their local artistic and cultural assets in order to spark economic vibrancy and growth from within their own towns and communities.

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Investing in grassroots leadership to spark a regional creative placemaking movement

People living in rural communities are used to living collaboratively, fulfilling multiple community roles, and investing time and energy to endeavors that improve quality of life for themselves and others. They are, in essence, social entrepreneurs. The challenge then lies in access to philanthropic contributions to incubate and advance this community work.

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Creating the future of community in rural America

The diversity of the rural experience, and the interdependence that characterizes rural and small towns, is what makes them so powerful and so necessary. Rural places are the proving ground for our democracy. Though rural folks walk a hard line between disparity and abundance, proximity to one’s neighbors and institutions is a matter of course. It is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to building a lasting and distinctive quality of life.

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