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Crow Creek: A Birder's Paradise in Alabama

One of the best spots for birding in the Chattanooga region is Jackson County, Alabama’s Stevenson City Park. About 45 miles southwest of downtown Chattanooga, the park is located on a peninsula in Crow Creek, and is part of the 3,346-acre Crow Creek Refuge. Stevenson City Park is a stop on the North Alabama Birding Trail and largely consists of a mixture of trees and grassy areas, along with easily accessible shoreline.

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Seeing Green in the Scenic Chattanooga Region

ArcWatch, ESRI

ESRI, the GIS mapping software and spatial analytics platform, wrote this comprehensive article about our partnership with UTC’s Interdisciplinary Geospatial Technology Lab. So much of our work in conscientious, responsible growth relies on providing key data to decision-makers and stakeholders. Our partners at the UTC IGTLab ensure that we have reliable geo-data for all of our initiatives and projects.

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250K Tree Day to Help Tennessee Thrive with Trees this Winter

On February 23, participate in 250K Tree Day by planting a tree in your local green space, state or national park, or your own backyard! 250K Tree Day is hosted by the Tennessee Environmental Council to raise awareness for the multi-generational benefits native trees bring to our environment, communities, and public health.

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Conservancy Receives 2,300 Acre Land Donation in North Georgia

The Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. recently received a donation of more than 2,300 acres in Northwest Georgia from an anonymous donor, as well as additional acreage from the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust, Inc. The property includes more than 30 known caves, stands of hardwood trees in a stunning landscape, and a diverse ecological environment supporting wildlife of all kinds.

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