The Ripple Effect of Jobs in Arts and Culture


by zoe marston


One might assume a softer industry like arts and culture would not have much of an effect on the broader economy, but job creation and loss is not confined to the industry in which it begins. Every job, created or lost, ripples throughout each industry, indirectly causing far-reaching effects.

According to an analysis published by the Economic Policy Institute, the arts, entertainment, and recreation industry is the second highest in job creation for every $1,000,000 invested. The ripple effect shows how even the intangible enjoyment of arts and culture bolsters the balance of our economy.



Zoe Marston is a Communications Intern for Thrive Regional Partnership. After spending a year abroad studying film at Norwich University of the Arts, she has returned to Chattanooga to tell the stories of her beloved hometown. At Thrive, she hopes to learn everything she can about doing her part to ensure sustainability in the region, and use that knowledge to further enrich the story of the Chattanooga area.