High School of the Future

The Thrive Regional Partnership will collaborate with regionally-based innovators to develop experiential education as integral parts of our region’s education and training programs.

Chattanooga Christian School Presents their Award-Winning Design

The High School of the Future was a regional design thinking competition for students and teachers in the sixth through twelfth grades hosted by Bright Spark and the Thrive Regional Partnership with sponsorship from Bridge Innovate

Student-teacher teams from high schools and middle schools in all 16 of the region's counties were invited to develop a prototype solution to this challenge: How might we design the High School of the Future, where innovative methods and business and community engagements enhance students' lives and career readiness? 

Six teams participated by actively engaging with their communities to research, design and build prototypes, then present their designs to a team of judges from the design, nonprofit, arts and business communities.

The Thrive 2055 Strategic Action Plan outlines the education and workforce goals for the Thrive Regional Partnership.

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