Regional Transportation


Regional coordination on transportation and connectivity  will help the region achieve economic success and avoid gridlock.

The tristate region has been a crossroads for commerce since mankind first settled here. Now, with global trade patterns and an e-commerce explosion, Chattanooga is #1 in the United States for the volume of freight traffic that comes through via interstate highways.

More than any other measure, the people of the region show how our 16 counties connect by their commute patterns. However, a lack of transportation choices and increased freight are making it more and more difficult for people to access what they need.

Interactive Map of Regional Commuter habits

Interactive Map of Regional Commute Pattterns

In order to ensure the prosperity of the region, our citizens must have access to the assets that they need to thrive.

  • Create a regional transportation forum
  • Identify desired regional transportation performance characteristics
  • Identify candidate projects, programs, initiatives. and funding
  • Develop a process to promote strategic projects, programs, and initiatives
  • Monitor relevant transportation indicators for signs of improvement and decline
  • Improve access to the region’s assets in education, economic development, and natural treasures
  • Pursue transportation solutions that advance the efficiency of moving people and products around the tristate region
  • Optimize existing infrastructure
  • Promote enhanced travel choices and flexibility during peak periods for enhanced regional connectivity and cost-saving solutions
  • Empower local transportation decisions through regional best practices, data. and methods
  • Create bold, new strategies that transform the way people and products move through the region

Regional Transportation and Connectivity

In order to explore solutions that advance the efficiency of moving people and products around the tristate region, Thrive serves as a catalyst for region-wide collaboration on innovative methods that connect people to each other and the rest of the world.