Regional Economic Development


The people in Thrive's 16 counties want to see economic development centered around their homes and Main Streets, near the towns and cities that provide character, a sense of place, and access to the region's nature-based lifestyle. Thrive is committed to empowering our communities with the tools that they need to access the world stage and make choices that keep them economically and ecologically sustainable for decades to come.

The tristate region is also positioned to be a major player in the global economy. Visit the Greater Chattanooga Economic Partnership to learn about efforts to market the tristate, 16-county region to the world.

Making the most of our economic opportunities while preserving what we love about our home communities.

  • Support business and housing growth on "Main Streets" so that communities can attract and retain businesses and a young creative workforce.
  • Advocate for economic development approaches that link jobs with accessible locations in existing towns and cities.
  • Empower communities to leverage their unique assets toward vibrancy and locally-based economic development.
  • Cooperate and collaborate with education and workforce, natural treasures, and regional transportation efforts.

Thriving Communities: Crafting Vibrant Places

Our Thriving Communities project brings design thinking strategies to the region's communities so that they may leverage their unique arts and culture assets toward vibrancy and locally-based economic growth.