Education and Workforce

Lifelong Learning

Nothing threatens our region's economic momentum more than the gap between educational outcomes and the evolving needs of a global economy.

The region as a whole suffers from education problems connected to poverty, social issues, health, and difficulties and affording and gaining access to higher education, whether it be four or two-year programs.

Yet people throughout the tristate region desire to increase their earning potential, and employers desire to find qualified employees within the region.

We must transform our education processes so that our citizens are prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

  • Promote and build a community understanding and advocacy for transformative changes in education and training
  • Develop experiential education as integral parts of the region’s education and training programs
  • Coordinate articulation requirements throughout the region
  • Advocate for transformational change regarding the way we prepare adults and children to meet the demands of the future
  • Instill the value of lifelong learning in families and communities throughout the region
  • Increase the earning potential of the region’s residents
  • Foster a sense of corporate citizenship
  • Promote real-world experience as an integral part of preparing residents for the future
  • Improve the efficiency of navigating the higher education system throughout the region

Thrive Taking Action

In order to bring innovative education methods to the students and teachers of the region. Thrive was proud to partner with Bright-Spark in the 2017 High School of the Future Student Design Competition.